Kekova Diving Tours

Discover the mysterious underwater life by diving in Kekova, a nature and history paradise, sea temperature is 28 degrees.There are 23 diving spots. There are abundant coral formations, caves, schools of fish and a shipwreck to explore.Diving tours usually depart from Üçağız Village near Demre.
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Diving in Kekova

Diving Tours in KekovaWe rent our boat for professional diving groups only. Our diving boat is for 12 persons. Bring your own equipment and explore the underwater Kekova Region,
You can discover the mysterious life underwater by diving in Kekova, a nature and history paradise. In this region where the sea water temperature is 28 degrees, unfortunately, diving is only allowed in the southern part of the island for now. Diving tours usually depart from Üçağız Village of Demre. There are 23 diving spots. These are mainly Blue Cave, Antrum, Lighthouse, The Endpoint, Iberian Coast Wreck, Kabay Bay, Eğri Liman, Reff and Snail Bay.

The Blue Cave takes its name from the blue color created by the light penetrating inside. There are abundant coral formations inside and outside the cave. Also, depending on the season, you can come across shoals of shrimp in this cave.

Antrum Cave, 32 meters deep, which is one of the most enjoyable diving spots in the region, is located under the island and is a cave where advanced divers can dive. There are amphoras at the Deniz Feneri diving point, which consists of an islet 30 meters deep. The Endpoint is at the very end of the dive route and there are hills descending from the diving point starting at a depth of 7-8 meters. We can see stingrays in the sandy areas of Son Nokta, where we can come across many species, and we can see lemur and Lambuka fish and shrimp fry during school migration periods.

Another diving spot is the cargo ship Iberian Coast, which sets off from Antalya to Tuzla. She ran aground and sank due to a failure in her engines as a result of a severe storm. The ship is still intact and is one of the favorite spots for dives.

Kabay Bay is a place where divers of all levels can enjoy a dive, apart from training and beginners divers. You may encounter stingrays, groupers and lumpfish while diving.

Eğri Liman is also a diving spot that appeals to all profiles. Squid shoals and flying fish are often encountered during diving in Eğri Liman, which is a wonderful bay in terms of sea life.

So if you are in Kekova for a blue holiday or if you want to come to Kekova, it would be nice to take a look at the diving. Safer with your own diving group and your own equipment. Thus, you will have a complete Blue Voyage by discovering both the history of the land above the sea and the living life and history under the sea.

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